Zener Technologies was established by a group of young and enthusiastic youths soon after the massive earthquake 2015 in Nepal with the aim of speeding “build better campaign” by promoting cutting edge technologies as digital manufacturing using powerful tools such as 3D printers. It is the first commercial entity in Nepal to stand alone to challenge the traditional product development ecosystem and practice fast and adoptable rapid prototyping system by introducing 3D printing. We blend traditional ideas with latest technologies and we have been aspiring youths to innovate and transform Nepal from struggling caterpillar to emerging butterfly. We are guided with the core value of transforming learning, transferring skills and innovating appropriate and affordable solutions to our customers.

We are the authorized distributor of several 3D printers, thus facilitating every interested makers and innovators to have their own world-class 3D Printer easily at from the local market, with excellent support as well as spare parts availability and maintenance. Visit 3dpnepal.com for our 3D Printer Models.

Our area of expertise extends to 3D modelling and simulation, Design for Manufacturability, Reverse Engineering and product development, 3D printing and Injection Molding. These vast set of engineering solutions can instantly turn your imagination into reality.


Our aim is to bring innovation to various fields with the replacement of traditional tools and techniques with that from the latest cutting-edge science and engineering. Especially in the education system of Nepal which has long been overshadowed by the outmoded methods and enervating, visualization-lacking, courses.
We are also on our way to revolutionize the product design and production methods with various techniques in machining, tooling, automation and digital manufacturing. Helping local makers and innovators to reach the level of production right in this country without having to fly abroad even to achieve simple prototypes, patterns or dies for mass or batch production.